Award: Best Actor Female, at Myrtle Beach international Film Festival 2019 (film Stroke of Midnight)

Film & TV - a selection

2021 Feature film “Human Nature”

The Tuesday Studio

2021 Feature film “The Invitation”

Y-US Productions Inc

2021 Motion Capture

Goodbye Kansas Studios

2021 Kortfilm “Tager du”

Director: Jannike Grut, Geozone International AB

2021 Short film “Ghosting”

Director: Joel Stockman, BSmart AB

2020 TV series “Sjukt Oklar”

Director: Andreas Lindergard, Swedish television SVT and Splay one

2019 Feature film “ Call of the unseen”

Director: Henrik Pilerud

2019 TV-series “Åreakuten”

Director: Lena Koppel, SF studios

2019 Feature film “April Skies”

Director: Pascal Payant, Y-US Productions

2020 Short film “Stay away”

Director: Eveline Grassman, Grassman Film

2019 Short film “Parenting”

Director: Alexa Magnusson

2019 Short film/Charity “Everyone can make a difference”

Director: Arantxa Hurtado, Sprouting Pictures. Yari Foundation

2019 Short film “Det var det livet”

Director: Arantxa Hurtado, Sprouting Pictures

2019 Short film “Färgblind”

Director: Zanyar Adami

2019 Short film “Yield”

Director: Joel Stockman

2018 Short film “Vaddå 112″

Director: Shrey, CNRG FLM.

2018 Pilot for feature film “The Elf Queen”

Bohemian Light Production Company. Director: Arantxa Hurtado

2018 Short film “Stroke of Midnight”

Director: Niclas Ribbarp, DoP Andrés Rignell

2018 Short film “The Bouquet”

Director: Tobias Elvhage

2018 Short film “The Black Bear”

Jarnvagsmuseet Gavle, Director: Marko Kattilokaski

2016 Short film “Pendeln”

Director: Joel Stockman

2017 Short film “Chefen”

Director: Mattias Wixell, Medieinstitutet

2017 Short film “The fog”

Director: David Eriksson, GTV.

2017 Kortfilm “The double date”

Director: Kevin Söderlund

2017 Kortfilm “Without any doubt”

Director: Youssef Ibarbachane

2017 Short film “A plate full of cake”

Director: Kevin Söderlund

2016 Short film “Males”

Directors: Stina Persson Helleday, Sandra Isacsson

2016 Commercial “Hotel Kung Carl”

Kippel production. Director: Richard Jarnhed

2016 Short film “Fantomen”

Director: Alexander Granskog

2016 Short film “The way to the rope”

Director: Nicolai Söderqvist

2016 Short film “The Contemplator”

Director: Christoffer Deeks

2015 Short film “Trust me”

Director: Emelie Nyman

2013 Short film “Hanna”

Director: Joel Stockman
This film opened the Blue Stocking Film festival 2014 in Portland, Maine

Theatre - a selection

2017 “ A star named Ajax”

Director: Ulf Evrén
Teater Bara

2015-2017 “The hundred we are”

Director: Ulf Evrén
Boulevardteatern/Teater Bara

2014 “I stand before you naked”

Director: Ulf Evrén
Boulevardteatern/Teater Bara

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